Behind the name Brillideas there is Susanna Crevatin, from Trieste, Italy.

I had many different hobbies over the years. At one point I entered the world of beads, never to leave it again. It has become something more than a hobby, I practice it to relax, to express my creativity, for the pleasure of bringing to life (and sometimes personalizing) the splendid creations of worldwide famous artists. Sometimes it also frustrates me or makes me nervous, but these are always passenger feelings that don’t leave their mark. I can definitely call it a “passion”.

I created this website to showcase some of my works. All my pieces are one-of-a-kind. This means that no two items are exactly identical: they can have the same design, but color or kind of beads or some other detail make each piece a unicum. The jewels are always handcrafted with great care and made out of top-quality materials.